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Markiza de Sada

Fatal seductress, bastard of a Russian revolutionary and a German aristocrat. It is said that in a surge of passion she killed her lover and now roams the cities of Europe in search of entertainment.
Of dubious morality and with an insatiable sexual appetite, she is unconquerable in arm wrestling, skilled with the sword and a champion in downing an entire bottle of absinthe.
Shrouded in a veil of mystery and with an inherent and immaculate style; she chooses her company carefully and goes nowhere without her driver.

Zed Zeldić Zed

Zed’s stature and voice move mountains, stamp them into valleys, pour over them from up high, and spice it all up, warming your heart.
With his velvety beauty, sculptured splendor, raw and naïve kindliness, he knows one thing: Birds of a feather rock together.
Thus Zed, with no hesitation, gives everyone his or her ration.
He likes the most to flaunt his bright gleam, being a rascal of high esteem! 


She is a product of great love towards the stage, musical, Broadway and Hollywood divas who are “larger than life” and who stand the test of time due to their greatness.
Her name comes from the musical Cabaret and the character of Sally Bowles who very often repeats the phrase “Divine decadence!“. The same goes for the subtle dedication to the drag performer Divine, who was a large lady with an attitude, unique style and eyebrows.
Dekadenca's performance shows that drag is an art form which includes stage movement, acting, painting and singing.

Vladimir Bjeličić is primarily a cultural worker, art historian, actively engaged in art criticism, as well as curatorial and artistic practice.
Long term collaborator of the British artist Elly Clarke on the project in progress #SERGINA, co-founder of the post curatorial formation Vocal Curatorial Syndrome, and one of the founding members of drag based collective Ephemeral Confessions.
His work evolves around politics of representation of corporeality in contemporary art, especially in the domain of video art and performance.

Zoe Gudović is an art manager, producer, community organizer.
Crucial organizer in feminist and lesbian movement in Serbia as of 1998.
Theater educator, performer, drag king transformer, toilet artist, radio host of Ženergija.
The winner of the "Jelena Šantić" Award for her contribution to art and activism. 

Andrej Ostroški is a graphic designer, actor and transmedia artist, for the past five years focusing on drag as an interdisciplinary, alternative, performance art.

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